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Tax accounting Murrieta and Temecula CA

Karyn Vaughn has prepared and filed my taxes for years and I'll never trust anyone else to do them again! I had been going to other chain tax centers and when she reviewed my taxes she was able to get me back money that I didn't know I was missing. Her honesty and loyalty to her clients is unsurpassed! I send all my clients to her and they are all going to be lifelong clients as well! - Paul N., Temecula, CA

Karyn has done our personal taxes for over 20 years as well as the tax prep for our business partnership. She is simply the best! Always up to date on the ever changing tax regs. I have no reservation recommending her to anyone. A++ Thanks Karyn! - M.D., San Jacinto, CA

Karyn Vaughn has been invaluable to me!!! My husband and I both owned small businesses and IRS did an audit going back 5 years... Well, after going through a divorce, and now a single mom, I still had that audit balance hanging over my head. ** I went to Karyn and she helped me file an Offer and Comprise with the IRS, which saved me SEVERAL thousands of dollars. She actually got it down to PENNIES on the dollar. This is a true story and amazingly, I was able to get it paid off. Don't know what I would have done with out her help. She still continues to do my yearly taxes. I HIGHLY recommend her!!! She really goes the extra mile... - Lynn R., Anza, CA

Karyn is awesome. She just knows what she is doing with your tax returns. Hubs and I have been coming here for the past 4 years. She's very informed of all the new tax laws each tax season and has extremely good prices for the services that you get. She's also super friendly and and tries to help you out. She's also really quick to respond to emails and gets appointments in rather quick around this time. She sends us a "tax preparation" packet of everything that we will need for our appointment and it just makes my life SOOOO much easier. We will never use a "H & R" type of place again. She's the real deal and will makes sure you are well taken care of!! - Megan J., Temecula, CA

Karyn Vaughn has been my tax lady and good friend for over 30 years. She has the tax experience and knowledge that you will need to do the job right!!  She is truly a tax professional you can trust to do the job right!! She has help me through some hard times in my life, such as the passing of my wife. If you want a true tax professional, she is the one for you.  She is worth her weigh in gold, she is that good!! - James K., Murrieta, CA

Karyn has been my tax person since I moved to California in 1987.  She has seen our family thru so many financial challenges over the years, too many to count.  She is so personable, professional and above all HONEST!! Her advice is solid, the knowledge is deep, and she genuinely cares for her clients.  She fees are very reasonable for the level of service you receive.  She takes the time to explain things to you in language you will understand.  She is ALWAYS on time and very efficient.  She is up to date on every wrinkle you can throw at her, both federal and state.  She is also an excellent financial planner.  My son recently started a business and Karyn was very instrumental in his early success by putting him into a tax plan to keep him out of the pitfalls of being self employed. Honestly, I sleep better knowing I have such a great asset protecting our financial interests. My grandfather told me when I was a little boy..."when you grow up get an honest & good mechanic,  doctor, and  financial advisor.. because they are the ones that can screw you up bad  before you even know it".  He was right! 28 years later, I still have the best person in SoCal.    SHE IS THE BEST...if you want great service, great advice, at a great rate...then look no further.  It will be the best financial decision you ever make again, business or personal. - Nick G., Murrieta, CA

Karyn Vaughn has done my taxes for over 25 Years. In the past with a small business in California and my personal Taxes to helping me with taxes involving a Trust and with it's Tax returns. Recently I started a Corporation in Texas and Karyn was there to set up my Payroll and the Accounting Software. With so much uncertainty that lies ahead, I am so glad that I have Karyn on my team. - Mike S., Manor, TX

I can't say enough good things about KV's attention to detail and excellent customer service. My wife and I have known the Vaughn Family for 10 plus years and have been neighbors - friends - and business associates during that time.  As a General Contractor and fellow small business owner with Karyn, the Vaughn team is on my 'A' list of valued customers.  We have worked together on numerous construction and home improvement projects. Karyn prepares my 1099s, monitors my check registrar, calculates my business write offs, and maximizes my household returns seamlessly.  I have tried other tax prep conditions over the years.  None is better than Karyn.  I love things that pay for themselves, and Karyn is one of those gems. Do not miss the opportunity to work with this wonderful, knowledgeable, and wise individual - Steve Packard, Packard Construction

Karyn is very honest, exceptionally knowledgeable, and very accessible. She has been doing our taxes for 17 years. She prepares our personal and business taxes. We have two businesses: wholesale food supplier and rental property. The two businesses are so completely different and require very distinctive attention to detail to their unique tax laws. A lot of work goes into our specific tax needs and proper filing of taxes each year. She also handles our LLC filing. Karyn is very helpful! She has always gotten our taxes filed on time even though we tend to forget to bring some piece of paperwork with us every year. She is a giant help in advising us in our estimated taxes for the following year, as well as suggesting helpful tips to better our businesses. Her rates are incredibly reasonable for the care and quality of work that is her standard. I highly recommend Karyn Vaughn to everyone, no matter your tax needs. - Julia L., Fountain Valley, CA

Karyn Vaughn is a very knowledgeable E.A. She prepared our corporate tax returns for many years until we dissolved the business. Now she is helping with a trust tax return that is required annually, along with consultation concerning our personal returns. Karyn is very easy to speak with, quite professional and easy to contact. Give her a call if you want friendly, personal service with your tax and accounting issues. - Charlene F., Temecula, CA